Caroline François-Rubino  
see work transitions

In my pictorial universe, transitions are a real adventure as it is a succession of different perceptions and discoveries. Moment by moment, step by step, stroke by stroke, everything is possible on a sheet of paper and I like wandering off for a while and losing myself along the twisting and turning paths which open out before me when I draw and paint. These transitions are like a musical refrain in which I can always seek, sometimes to no avail, the light, the tone and the rhythm which emerges from the space I roam through every day.

Fleeting earth along the banks of the road
Fortuitous earth vanishing before our eyes
Earth blown back to the past by the winds
I notice then lose sight of your trees, your valleys
Your dark paths, your scattered towns,
Your living souls.

That great country of happiness surging from nowhere
Appears on the road along which you run away
From the horizon that boundless picture rushes forward
New skies will caress my face
I’m standing

Catherine Pozzi (1882-1934) translation of an untitled poem from Très haut amour

Caroline François-Rubino