Caroline François-Rubino  

A poet and an artist’s encounter is always unexpected.
And yet they somehow expect it to happen. The possibility has always existed. It is inevitable and allows them to explore unbeaten tracks. There are no marks or visible footprints to help them find their way; they have to wander along together as best they can and at their own rhythm, taking their time and stopping now and then to look and listen.
While keeping their own identity, the artist and the poet make their way towards a space where words and brushwork will come together in harmony.
There is no mimesis, no illustration.
Artists’ books come into existence as if by alchemy. Where words and pictures come together on the paper, the perspective of a fragile and never-ending life is conjured up, a life where nothing is fixed or finished once and for all.

  single-copy books and poor books
Private Collection with Pierre Dhainaut, François Rannou, John Taylor
Daniel Leuwers's Collection with Pierre Dhainaut, Michaël Glück, Cécile A. Holdban, Alexis Hubert, Sabine Huynh, Daniel Leuwers, Jean-Michel Marchetti, Serge Martin-Ritman, Luis Mizón, François Rannou, Jean-Marc Scanreigh, John Taylor
L3V Collection - mt-Gallery with Pierre Dhainaut, Armand Dupuy, Alexis Hubert, Sabine Huynh, Isabelle Lévesque, Serge Martin-Ritman, José-Flore Tappy, John Taylor
Claude and Sophie Chambard's Collection with Claude Chambard, John Taylor