Caroline François-Rubino  

Exhibition at the MINOTERIE

December 2013

"cadeaux d'artistes" (Artists' presents) · December 2-22, 2013

22, chemin de la Minoterie · 64800 NAY · Tél. 05 59 13 91 42 ·
Opening times: Thursday to Sunday 2 pm to 6 pm

The Ailleurs (Elsewhere) series of Caroline François-Rubino’s work is part of her long wandering road in the world of landscape painting and makes us bring into question our ideas on perception. The techniques she uses such as ink, watercolour or oil on paper go together perfectly with her exploration of a space which is always changing and is never finished - an “elsewhere” which is situated beyond our usual fields of vision. Her artist’s eye becomes immersed in the landscapes she sees and creates never-ending new ones. Visual memory plays an essential role in this; this memory is behind the pictorial language whereas it is emotion that provides movement and guides her hand.
What do we see when our eye no longer perceives anything, what remains apart from a fleeting impression, a vague shape, an almost monochrome mass? The black of Indian ink, Prussian blue and the white of the paper are enough to suggest these new spaces elsewhere and help on this quest for new horizons.