Caroline François-Rubino  

Exhibition at the Artothèque
(Art Library)

September 2011
LA MINOTERIE (THE FLOUR-MILL) - Nayart Association
22, chemin de la Minoterie · 64800 NAY · Tél. 05 59 13 91 42 ·
Opening times: Thursday to Sunday 3 pm to 7 pm

The collection at the Artothèque is composed of engravings, paintings, and sculpture. All the works are originals. If some important names such as César, Marino Marini, and Zoran Music are to be found in the collection, other lesser known artists selected by a committee of professionals are also welcomed there.

One of Caroline François-Rubino's paintings is on show at the “Exhibition at the Artothèque” until October 2nd 2011.